Seminars and Events

Note - All seminars and workshops are at 11:00 am in 303 Elliott Hall, unless otherwise indicated.

Winter 2024

Thursday, Jan. 18

Honours Presentations
Franny Body "Determination of Sugars in Beverages by Quantitative NMR Spectroscopy"
Oliver Cail "Keto Amides as Precursors to N-Acyliminium Ions"
Adrien Nette "Acaricidal Effects of Encapsulated Thymol Nanoparticles, Thymol Microemulsions, and Synergistic Agents on Dermacentor Variabilis Ticks"
Catherine Robbins "Synthesis and Photochemistry of 4,6-Ditert-butyl-2-phenylbenzene-1,3-diol"

Thursday, Feb. 1 Seminar
Jason Clyburne
Department of Chemistry, Saint Mary's University
"Structural Inorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy: Somethings Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue"
Thursday, Feb. 29 Seminar
Douglas Chaves
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"Chemistry of Essential Oils and their Application in Veterinary Sciences"
Thursday, Mar. 14 Seminar
Geniece Hallett-Tapley
Department of Chemistry, St. Francis Xavier University
"Plasmonic Nanomaterials: An “Enlightening” Response to the Climate Emergency"
Thursday, Mar. 21 Seminar
Mark Stradiotto
Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University
"title TBA"
Tuesday, Mar. 26 Honours Defences
Thursday, Mar. 28 Honours Defences


Fall 2023

Thursday, Oct. 26 Seminar
Justin Shmordok and Mila Abaeva
Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo
"Iron-Imide Clusters and Bi- and Tri-metallic Catalysts"and Graduate Studies Recruitment with Pizza!
Thursday, Nov. 16 Seminar
Clarissa Sit
Department of Chemistry, Saint Mary's University
"Cage fighting for microbes: using chemical ecology to accelerate drug discovery"


Winter 2023

Thursday, Jan. 19 Honours Presentations
Miranda Amiro
Elyse Czapalay
Julia Moncrief
Thursday, Feb. 16 Resume Writing Workshop
John Murimboh
Department of Chemistry, Acadia University
Tuesday, Apr. 11 Honours Defences
Elyse Czapalay: “Efforts Toward the Synthesis of ESIPT-Active Anthracene Substituted Phenols”
Miranda Amiro: “Effect of Catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) Essential Oil on the Blacklegged Tick (Ixodes scapularis) Chemosensory System”
Julia Moncrief: “Synthesis and Photochemistry of 2,6-Di(1-naphthyl)phenol”


Fall 2022

  No Seminars