Faculty Research Areas

Research in Environmental Science:

Dr. John Murimboh: Environmental analytical chemistry, chemical speciation and bioavailability of metals in nature

Dr. Anthony Tong: Environmental analytical chemistry, cavity enhanced fiber optic sensors, chromatographic separations

Dr. John Roscoe: Application of chemical kinetics to atmospheric chemistry and fuel science

Dr. Vlad Zamlynny: Studying the effectiveness of barrier films in preventing corrosion

Research in Health Science:

Dr. Amitabh Jha: Drug Design, Medicinal Chemistry, Enzyme Inhibition 

Dr. Sherri McFarland: Photodynamic therapy, Design and evaluation of DNA photocleaving agents

Dr. Anthony Tong: Drug Delivery

Research in Material Science:

Dr. Sherri McFarland: Design and synthesis of photodynamic multinuclear metal complexes

Dr. Matthew Lukeman: Design and synthesis photocages

Dr. Sharon Roscoe: Studies on the role of proteins in fouling and corrosion of metal surfaces

Dr. Vlad Zamlynny: Novel thin films on metal surfaces

Dr. Bobby Ellis: Design and synthesis of molecular compounds for hydrogen storage