Future Students

Acadia University is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, in the scenic Annapolis Valley region, approximately a one hour drive from Halifax. The Chemistry Department is located in Elliott Hall. Faculty members are active in many research areas (including environmental issues and cancer research), and interested students have the opportunity to engage in independent research projects under the supervision of faculty members, to enhance their post-secondary education.

Why Chemistry at Acadia?

  1. Small Classes
  2. Friendly Faculty & Staff
  3. Opportunities to Become a Teaching Assistant (Fall/Winter)
  4. Summer Research Job Opportunities
  5. Co-op Program (nearly 100% Placement Rate)
  6. Very High Medical School Success Rate!
  7. Fun Lab Experiments (check this one out!)
Our Students After Graduating:


Admission Requirements

For admission to Chemistry at Acadia University students must complete grade 12 with the following course requirements:

  • Chemistry 12
  • Precalculus 12

Only academic, university preparatory courses at the senior (NS grade 12 or equivalent) high school level will be used to determine admissibility. Applicants without Chemistry 12 (or equivalent) will be considered on an individual basis. More information on admission guidelines can be found here, including information for out-of-province students.

Entrance Scholarships

A variety of entrance scholarships and scholar-bursaries are available for outstanding students. Click here for more information (DEADLINE: MARCH 1).

Degree Programs

Students benefit from the small class sizes and personal attention from Faculty and upper year students. Some of our most popular programs are listed below.

  • Honours BSc in chemistry*
  • Honours BSc in chemistry with Certificate in Applied Science*
  • BSc in chemistry*
  • BSc in chemistry with Certificate in Applied Science*
  • BSc with double major
  • Co-op Education

Biochemistry Option (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy)
Data Science Option
Foundation Option (teaching)
Health Sciences Option

*Accredited by the Canadian Institute of Chemistry; graduates are able to meet professional licensing standards.

Professional Programs in the Health Sciences

Many of our chemistry students go on to professional programs in the health sciences (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.). Students interested in pursuing a career in health science are encouraged to arrange an appointment to talk with our health sciences advisor.

More information about the necessary courses for common health science programs can be found on the Health Sciences Advisor's website. A summary of suggested courses for various health science programs can be found here.

Summer Research Jobs

Many summer jobs are available to conduct research with a faculty member. The main research themes in the department are:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Materials Science
  • Photochemistry and Photophysics

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club organises many professional, athletic, and social activities. Combined with a friendly atmosphere, students quickly integrate and participate in a variety of programs of professional and personal interest.