Centre for Analytical Research on the Environment (CARE)

Located on the lower level of the K. C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, the Centre for Analytical Research on the Environment (CARE) brings together facilities established as a result of five successful Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) applications. These applications were authored by Dr. John Murimboh (Chemistry), Dr. Nelson O’Driscoll (Tier II Canada Research Chair; Earth and Environmental Science), Dr. Jennie Rand (Engineering), Dr. Anthony Tong (Chemistry), and Dr. John Roff (formerly of Earth and Environmental Science).

The new structure establishes four separate labs under one umbrella. The broad focus of CARE is the provision of research and analytical services aimed at the quantification of contaminant fate, and understanding processes that support healthy ecosystems. Specifically, the lab operated by Dr. Rand focuses on drinking water quality and the environment. Dr. Tong’s lab focuses on environmental monitoring of organic contaminants and wastewater treatment. Dr. O’Driscoll’s lab focuses broadly on environmental biogeochemistry with a particular interest in mercury. Dr. Murimboh conducts analytical research on trace metals and chemical speciation in the environment. Some of his equipment is part of the Acadia Centre for Microstructural Analysis.

Among the many opportunities afforded by the new Centre is an outstanding research experience for undergraduate and graduate students. Few master’s students and even fewer undergraduate students would have the opportunity elsewhere to train on sophisticated equipment like that housed in CARE. This provides these students with a substantial advantage when applying to larger universities for further studies or seeking to work in government and industry labs.

For more information please visit the CARE website or the the individual labs can be accessed on the researchers’ websites:

John Murimboh: http://www.acadiau.ca/~jmurimbo/
Anthony Tong: http://www.acadiau.ca/~atong/
Nelson O’Driscoll: http://www.acadiau.ca/~nodrisco/
Jennie Rand: http://www.acadiau.ca/~jrand/