Undergraduate Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

The Alfred D. Arthurs Scholar-Bursaries in Chemistry are awarded annually to students who have declared a major in chemistry on the basis of scholastic achievement and financial need. The scholar-bursaries are available to entering and continuing students. The scholar-bursaries were established by Alfred D. Arthurs, a member of the graduating class of 1929.

The Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal is a medal of recognition the Chemical Institute of Canada has established, to be awarded annually to the third-year student who has the best record in chemistry (including physics and mathematics) and continues into the fourth year at Acadia University.

The Charles Ronald Gower Memorial Award is available annually to a deserving student in the physical sciences. The endowment was provided from the estate of Harriet Agnes (Allen) Gower 1898-1988, whose husband Charles Ronald Gower, and daughter Mary Carolyn Gower, graduated from Acadia in 1929 and 1960 respectively.

The Ernest R. Hayes Award, provided by the family, friends and former students of Dr. Ernest R. Hayes (Acadia '48), a member of the Chemistry Department 1975-1991 and Head from 1975-81, supports a student attending the annual Atlantic Region Student Conference or the Annual conference of the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The student will present the results of research completed as part of the B.Sc. Honours program. The award is based on an oral presentation of the research project.

The Roy A. Jodrey Scholarship in Science is a scholarship of $1895 was established by the late Roy A. Jodrey (D.C.L. Acadia, '63) of Hantsport, Nova Scotia, to be awarded annually to a student entering the junior or senior year of a Bachelor of Science program in biology, chemistry, geology or physics.

The Everett P. Linton Prize in Chemistry is a prize of at least $500 provided by students and colleagues of Dr. Everett P. Linton, member of the Department 1936 to 1975 and Head from 1966 to 1975, is awarded to the student major in the first year of a chemistry program who has achieved highest marks in six hours of chemistry.

The MacKay Memorial Scholarships in Computer Science, Chemistry and Physics were endowed in 1989 by Mr. Donald MacKay (Acadia 1929) and Mrs. Rose (Chamber) Mackay (Acadia 1930) in memory of their son Donald Gordon MacKay, who was born in Arvida, Quebec in 1940 and died in 1965 while working as a mechanical engineer on petroleum exploration in Libya. The income from the endowment shall be used to provide scholarships for Canadian undergraduate students, entering their second or subsequent year of study at Acadia, who have achieved high academic standing, who are following a broadly-based program, and who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and personal integrity. Each year a recommendation will be made by the Director of the School of Computer Science, and the Heads of the Departments of Chemistry and Physics. If no award is made, the income shall be added to the capital endowment.

The Martha Hall Vanderpoel Mills Memorial Scholarships (3) were established in 1989 through the Estate of Katherine V. Mills in memory of her mother. The scholarships are available to residents of Annapolis County who are majoring in physics and are recommended by that Department. If in any year there are not qualified recipients in the Physics Department, the scholarships will be available for award next by the Departments of Geology, Chemistry or Mathematics, in that order.

The W. Malcolm Orchard Memorial Scholarship ($1550) is awarded each year to an outstanding student who has completed three years of study towards the Honours degree in Chemistry and plans to pursue graduate studies in that field. Mr.Orchard graduated from Acadia with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1937.

The Chester W. Small Scholarship in Chemistry is provided by alumni, students and friends of Dr. Small who was a member of the Chemistry Department from 1926 to 1966 and Head from 1957 to 1966. It is awarded annually on recommendation of the Department to a student entering third or fourth year of undergraduate study in the B.Sc. in Chemistry and who has completed with distinction twelve hours of study in chemistry at the 2000 level or above in the previous year.