Acadia Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club organises a number of social events each year and sponsors students to attend and present their research at regional chemistry conferences. Get involved with a great group of friends and see just how great Acadia chemists are!

  • Potlucks
  • Intramurals
  • Relay for Life
  • Outreach Demonstrations
  • Annual Golden Test Tube Awards
  • Atlantic Undergraduate Chemistry Conference (ChemCon)

Check out the ChemClub's Facebook group for more information:

2023/2024 Executive

President   Vice-President
Picture Missing   Picture Missing
Juliana Abraham   Creighton Jarvis
Treasurer   Secretary
Picture Missing   Picture Missing
Jenna Berryman   Kathryn Murray
4th Year Rep.   elected in the fall
3rd Year Rep.   elected in the fall
2nd Year Rep.   elected in the fall
1st Year Rep.   elected in the fall


2022/2023 Executive
President   Vice-President
President: Miranda Amiro   Vice-President: Elyse Czapalay
Miranda Amiro   Elyse Czapalay
Treasurer   Secretary
Treasurer: Julia Moncrief   Secretary: Elizabeth Abbate
Julia Moncrief   Elizabeth Abbate
4th Year Reps.   Albany Goucher
Leah McPherson
3rd Year Reps.   Carys McMurray
Adrien Nette
2nd Year Rep.   Juliana Abraham
1st Year Rep.   Anna Lukeman


2021/2022 Executive
President   Vice-President

Emily Sabean   Laura Pickett
Treasurer   Secretary
Julia Moncrief   Grace Flynn
5th Year Rep.   Lydia Zamlynny
4th Year Reps.   Ethan Gallant
Andrew Heisler
3rd Year Reps.   Miranda Amiro
Elyse Czapalay
2nd Year Reps.   Adrien Nette
Carys McMurray
1st Year Rep.   Miranda Cook


2020/2021 Executive
President Joe Nazak
Vice-President Nick Harvey
Treasurer Gillian Chapman
Secretary Maria Turcios
2019/2020 Executive
President Anna Crouch
Vice-President Daniel Gawalewicz
Treasurer Tori Hopper
Secretary Joe Nazak
4th Year Rep. Zainab Bello
3rd Year Rep. Nick Harvey
2nd Year Rep. Laura Pickett
1st Year Rep. Miranda Amiro
2018/2019 Executive
President Anna Crouch
Vice-President Alex Hebert
Treasurer Jenna McNutt
Secretary Alyson MacKay
2017/2018 Executive
President Breanna Laffin
Vice-President Megan Stienburg
Treasurer Jenna McNutt
Secretary Jenny Hogenbom
4th Year Rep. Sam Freeze
3rd Year Rep. Zach Visser
2nd Year Rep. Kaela Fraser
1st Year Rep. vacant
2016/2017 Executive
President Michelle Johnson
Vice-President Breanna Laffin
Treasurer Luke Coxhead
Secretary Erica Caines
2015/2016 Executive
President Harrison Cassidy
Vice-President Daniel Elder
Treasurer Michelle Johnson
Secretary Julia McCain
4th Year Rep. Kayla Barry
3rd Year Rep. Luke Coxhead
2nd Year Rep. Breanna Laffin
1st Year Rep. Andrew Davis
2014/2015 Executive
President Kira McLean
Vice-President Hannah Sinclair
Treasurer Michelle Sawler
Secretary Alyssa Caissie
4th Year Rep. Jamie Gillis
3rd Year Rep. Leah Bennett
2nd Year Rep. Cristina Kelly
1st Year Rep. Emily Smith