Seminars and Events

Note - All seminars are at 12:30 pm in 303 Elliott Hall, unless otherwise indicated.

Winter 2021

Jan. 21 Honours Presentations
Nick Harvey
Emma Sutherland
Vincent Wang
Joe Nazak
Apr. 1 Seminar
Vlad Zamlynny
Department of Chemistry, Acadia University
"Development of IR Spectroscopy for Surface Detection of Ultrathin Films"
Tues. Apr. 6 Honours Defences
Emma Sutherland: "Preparation of Amino Phosphonates for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Functionalization"
Nick Harvey: "Synthesis of Novel Napthopyrans via a Hetero Diels-Alder Reaction"
Thurs. Apr. 8 Honours Defences
Vincent Wang: "Basil Essential Oils to Develop Novel Green Formulations for Managing Ticks (Ixodidae spp.)"
Joe Nazak: "Synthesis and Optimization of Bulky Tetraarylstannane as Precursors for Diarylstannylenes for Hydrogen Activation"


Fall 2020


No Seminars due to COVID-19